• 1 Da Vinci Analytic Group
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    Da Vinci Analytic Group
    Operational analysis and forecasts of the world political processes. Risks evaluation and country's risks intelligence. Evaluation of current state policy on business and investments.

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    Da Vinci Analytic Group
    Economical analysis and researches. Geo-economical surveys. Investment risks rating. Due diligence. Evaluation of economy state policy and possible risks of work on the market.

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    Da Vinci Analytic Group
    Drafts of law development, creation of government programs and concepts of law-policy. Analytical support of parliament committees' work. Consulting on macro-economy policy matters.

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    Da Vinci Analytic Group
    Information support. Speech-writing, strategic campaigns.

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    Da Vinci Analytic Group
    Analysis, evaluations, recommendations and elaboration of plans on crisis settlement in states with political instability.

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    Da Vinci Analytic Group
    Strategical analysis and forecasts of situation development in states after coup d’etats, uprising and other non-democratic scenarios of changing the power. Analysis of impacts on economy and business climate.

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Comments in Media

08.06.2016 UNIAN: Failed coup attempt in Kazakhstan": Experts see Russian trace in Aktobe turmoil
12.05.2016 УНИАН: Инфляция в Украине ожидается в пределах 17-18% - Da Vinci
12.05.2016 УНИАН: Аналитики Da Vinci допускают рост курса до 28 гривен за доллар до конца года
23.03.2016 UNIAN: No easy job: Cabinet seeks to pull state holdings out of financial swamp
18.03.2016 UNIAN: Why Kremlin takes step back on Syria
11.03.2016 Agenzia Nova: Moldova: analisti, la Russia modifica la sua strategia nei confronti di Chisinau
11.03.2016 Romania Libera: Experți ucrainieni: Rusia și-a schimbat strategia în Republica Moldova, astfel că a trecut la promovarea de schimbări politice interne
15.02.2016 UNIAN: Recipe of soup a la reform from chef IMF
01.02.2016 УНИАН: Аналитики Da Vinci AG рассказали о курсе доллара на ближайшие два месяца
01.02.2016 УНИАН: Кризис 2008-2009 годов был менее глубоким, чем нынешний - Da Vinci AG

Ukrainian Economic Trends Forecasts

Articles and Publications

07.01.2016 Russia’s security strategy means more problems for its neighbors

On the New Year’s eve, December 31, Vladimir Putin signed the National Security Strategy of the Russian Federation, which is the basic document of strategic planning, defining Russia’s national interests and strategic priorities. Judging by the text of the document, it is too early to relax for the Ukrainians.

17.11.2015 Russia tries to use Iranian geopolitical ambitions to undermine U.S. in the Gulf region

There are strong evidences of political and military cooperation and actions coordination between Iran and Russia in Syria that show probability of enhancing Tehran’s position in the region and using it by Moscow to undermine the Saudi Arabia leadership as far as stability in the Gulf.


15.11.2015 Russia is increasing its influence on Central Asia states

Russia uses risks of ISIS expanding in Afghanistan to increase its influence on CIS Central Asia states, their armed forces and to expand CDTO membership. Moscow could try to develop NATO analogue of collective defense in the region on the base of Collective Defense Treaty Organization as the core of pro-Russian regional integration model.

26.03.2015 Scenariile Rusiei pentru Transnistria / Revista22 (Romania)

Criza economică și cea de politică externă ge­nerate de acțiunile Moscovei în Ucraina au ac­ce­lerat procesul soluționării situației din Trans­nistria. Moscova a redus semnificativ vo­lumul finanțării. Injecțiile financiare din Ab­hazia și Osetia de Sud au fost și ele ajustate, dar impactul lor a fost mai puțin resimțit. În Transnistria, fondul de plăți și asistența socială se bazează pe bani rusești, în măsura în care toate beneficiile au fost conservate din vremea URSS.

30.01.2015 Russia’s Military Buildup in the Murmansk Oblast

The decision to reactivate Russia’s military unit deployment in Alakurtti was made at the end of 2013. In mid-February 2014, Colonel General Anatoly Sidorov, Commander of the Western Military District troops, announced that one of the military bases would be rebuilt by September the same year. However, he did not specify what bases.

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